Why spend
time chopping
and scrubbing

Let The Blossoming Kitchen do the work, you enjoy the night!

You’ve made the right decision to have your meals delivered, but you still have to prep, cook and clean. We want to make your routine easier, not give you another project. Our meals are individually portioned and packaged in a BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe container. And they are pre-cooked, all you need to do is heat them up and dig in!

The Blossoming Kitchen is the meal delivery solution you have been looking for. We save you time and energy without sacrificing health and taste.

Support a local small business

The Blossoming Kitchen was founded and is run by three hard-working women, right here in Charlotte, who know how difficult it is to juggle work, life, and keeping your family healthy and happy. It’s our goal to help you save time and energy to be able to do more things with friends and family.

Feel great about your decision!

We run a grade A, local Charlotte kitchen to provide your family the best quality meals. Our chef develops a fresh menu of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert items for you to choose from weekly.

  • Each Tuesday our menu is updated, and you have until Friday to make your selections for the following week. No grocery shopping, lengthy cooking, or cleaning
  • Order as much or as little as you want. If you spend more than $60 your delivery is free, otherwise, there is a $5 fee.

No risk plus a gift!

Still not convinced? There is no commitment to make. Enjoy a FREE gift and try our food today!

Need more info?

Visit our FAQ page to answer all of your questions.